Reformer Classes

Want to improve your overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance? The Reformer is for you! Using spring loaded tension, it can both assist or create greater challenge while you exercise, making the classes more or less intense depending on what you’re looking for.

MMC Reformer classes are performed on the state of the art Allegro II reformers from Balanced Body. Our classes range from beginner to advanced, and have a maximum of 6 people, ensuring everyone has individual attention and can get the most out of the class.

Reformer Jumpboard

Things that make you want to Jump Jump!  Jumpboard Reformer packs functional training into a highly effective, high-energy class format. If you have never taken a Jumpboard reformer class you and your legs are missing out! Not for beginners, this class combines Pilates Reformer technique with Jumpboard intervals, which increases the heart rate and strengthens the legs without being aggressive on the joints.

Suspension Pilates

Our Suspension Pilates classes use a TRX-inspired system of suspended ropes to add an invigorating new level of challenge to Pilates work. In this fun-filled workout you will strengthen your upper body while learning to balance in 360° space—incredibly effective at engaging deep core stabilizers. Through a series of static holds and three-dimensional movements, you will improve your strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility at an accelerated pace. If you’re an experienced Pilates enthusiast looking for a fun new way to target your core muscles, this is the class for you!

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga combines 
acrobatic arts and asana using our aerial yoga hammock. This class has many physical benefits, including spinal decompression, pain relief, and ease in inversions and other challenging poses.