Love Pilates? Want to learn more about how to move better, smarter and more functionally and help others do the same? Join us!

Our upcoming Mindful Movement teacher trainings begin soon!

Reformer Training - begins June 17, 2019 (only 1 spot left!)

Pilates Mat Training - begins Oct 5, 2019

Cadillac & Chair Training - begins Sept 28, 2019

More about our teacher training programs :

1. Much like the group classes we offer at the Mindful Movement Centre, our teacher training classes are deliberately kept small. Our seminar sizes are restricted to 12 students and our curriculum provides many opportunities for one-on-one training with instructors. The intimate size of our classes ensures more individualized attention as well as more opportunities for discussion and collaboration.

2. Our curriculum is rigorous. We hold students of our teacher training program to the highest standards of excellence to ensure they have a competitive advantage when building their own practices. Our programs incorporate both hands-on and book-based learning and delivers course content using a variety of methods (e.g., …) to ensure our graduates can rise to any challenge with confidence.

3. Our classes are comprehensive. Students will have opportunities to work with instructors who approach Pilates from a variety of modalities, philosophies, and disciplines (e.g. choreography, etc), thus allowing future instructors to build their practices on an expansive breadth of knowledget.

4. Our training program aims to professionalize body movement work. We help our students develop a keen eye for detail that can detect all the subtleties of muscle alignment [in a client’s body].

5. Our training programs place a special focus on modification. Modules on client pain, injury, and recovery are woven throughout the curriculum to ensure our graduates can respond constructively to any injury, disorder, or contraindication.

6. Our classes teach compassion. Graduates of our program praise the supportive environment of our classes, where everyone is encouraged to ask questions and express their concerns. We aim to lead by example, demonstrating how to hold space for our clients and respond to injuries and psychological influences with sensitivity.

7. Our classes foster adaptability. Graduates of our teaching programs are shown how to be endlessly creative with their Pilates practice. The health and fitness ecosystem is constantly in flux, and MMC’s teacher training program ensures that its graduates can anticipate and integrate new modalities, attitudes, and trends into their practice while still maintaining Pilates principles at its core.

8. At our MMC studio, we’ve worked hard to create a space in which all ages, genders, races, and classes feel welcome, and we bring that focus on inclusivity to our teacher training. Our programs are designed to give instructors the tools they need to serve all levels of fitness and ability with equal ability.

  • * Our mat training is restricted to 12 students, our reformer training to 6 students and our caddy training to 8.