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Birth Recovery for Trauma and C-Section w/Georgia


Sunday April 7 : 1 - 5pm

Birth is a natural and moving process that 85% of women will experience over their lifetime.  Of these women 90% report feeling some sort of trauma through their pregnancy, labour, or postnatal period.

This course focuses on using Pilates-based movement to assist in the recovery from trauma in postnatal women. Read more… 

Kinesiology of Pilates w/Sam & Leslie


Saturday May 4 : 12pm - 6:30pm

Come and apply all of that anatomy and deepen your understanding of how Pilates works to build stability and mobility in the human frame. In this one-day course, participants will learn to use kinesiological movement analysis to understand what types of muscle contraction are creating and controlling movement in the context of gravity and resistance within Pilates exercises.  Read more…