Sam Booker

Functional Anatomy Course


Samantha Booker is an independent Registered Massage Therapist and an anatomy instructor at Ryerson University’s School of Performance. Her path to becoming an educator and RMT began with a BFA in dance from York University, which lead to a brief career as a contemporary dancer in Toronto. A few injuries later, Sam chose to attend Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic to integrate her embodied knowledge of movement with the science and skills necessary to help others rehabilitate and reach their physical goals. Fourteen years later, she continues to expand her understanding of the body through the study of Structural Myofascial Therapy™, which she also has the privilege of teaching. Working with the dance and theatre students at Ryerson allows her to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and inspired her to complete her MA in dance education; the focus of which was the effect of pedagogical language on learning and body-image. Fearful of stagnation, she continues to pursue research in all of her areas of interest so she can keep giving back to the community of dancers, students, and clients that make her who she is. When Sam is not working on any of the above, you may find her cooking overly-ambitious recipes, cycling, hiking, camping or watching re-runs of Star Trek.