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$10 Reformer Pop Ups!

Take advantage of some fresh teaching energy in the studio! Our Reformer Teacher Trainees will be teaching Reformer Pop Up Classes at a discounted rate throughout the next couple of weeks. At only $10 a class, you can contribute to the development of these budding teachers while making strides in your own personal goals! (PS. All of our Reformer trainees are already Pilates teachers in their own rights, they are just currently learning the reformer repertoire!) 

New Dates Coming Up : 

Sunday Nov 12 @  1:30pm

Monday Nov 13 @ 6:45pm

Tuesday Nov 14 @ 12pm

Wednesday Nov 15 @ 7:15am

Friday Nov 17 @ 5:15pm

Sunday Nov 19 @ 1:30pm

Monday Nov 20 @ 6:45pm

Tuesday Nov 21 @ 12pm

Wednesday Nov 22 @ 7:15am

Friday Nov 24 @ 5:15pm

Sunday Nov 26 @ 1:30pm

Monday Nov 27 @ 6:45pm

Tuesday Nov 28 @ 12pm

Wednesday Nov 29 @ 7:15am


Anatomy Jam w/Sam Booker

Theme TBA

Friday October 13 @ 2:00pm

Come and geek-out about anatomy and movement with us in a casual, collegial, student-driven environment! This Jams theme will be all things neck and upper back - learn more about what keeps are all important head on our shoulders! ;)  We will start the session with a brief review of the region (or not if the crowd doesn’t feel it’s necessary), and the rest will be based on the questions and queries you bring in about that region as it relates to your personal or teaching practice. 90 minutes of chatting about anatomy and movement: Is there anything you’d rather do on Friday the 13th? We didn’t think so.

This class is open to Pilates, Yoga and Movement Teachers, and those interested in learning more about anatomy in terms of movement & rehabilitative context. 

Investment $30