Suzy Lebec

Having taught Pilates for eight years, Suzy takes a live it, not just teach it approach to everything she does. Movement and Holism has been a major theme throughout her life. A Stott-Certified Instructor and fourth year student of the Gestalt Institute of Toronto, her passion for teaching and knowledge has led her to the Healing Arts. Her commitment to maintain and update her skills as an Instructor has led Suzy to workshops such as muscle re-patterning with Karen Carlson, Cranio sacral Therapy, Ashtanga Yoga and Activating the Pelvic Floor. In her spare time Suzy cycles, rock climbs, reads, writes and works on creating Gestalt workshops and discovers new and exciting ways to challenge her clients. Her philosophy is that Pilates complements every other form of exercise as well as creates ease in everyday movement and a sense of confidence in the body and expression of one's being.