Pilates Matwork

Place your Pilates practice—and your day-to-day life—on a strong foundation with a class that focuses on the fundamentals of core strength and graceful, efficient movement. Great for those just beginning and for anyone wishing to fine-tune the essentials.

Core Pilates Flow

This fluid class builds on a solid Pilates foundation to incorporate more vertical/standing work, which places more emphasis on increasing your range of motion, stabilizing your joints, and improving your posture and alignment.  This class is accompanied by an uplifting soundtrack to help you transition between poses with grace and style.  Expect to enjoy the challenge of this fun, fast-paced experience!


ESSENTRICS is a full body workout that rapidly changes the shape of your body through a dynamic combination of strengthening and stretching. The technique develops lean, strong and flexible muscles with immediate changes to your posture. Perfect for men and women of all fitness levels, this program rebalances the body, prevents and treats injuries and unlocks tight joints. With a diverse music playlist accompanying each routine, this equipment-free workout leaves you feeling energized, youthful and healthy.

Dance Synergy

Our Dance Synergy classes are not about perfect ballet technique (or lack thereof) but about getting your sweat on using some basic dance technique along with some great strength building exercises. Improve your balance and core stability all while having a fantastic time to some great tunes.

A dancer’s body and a smile on your face: that’s what you’ll walk away with if you make this class a routine. Fast-paced exercises set to energetic rhythms and the use of props build a strong, lean physique—and they’re fun!

Restorative Yoga

A gentle practice using props suitable for all levels. Learning to connect the breath bringing awareness to the body while in supported yoga postures. This will help to relieve tension and stress. This class is very good for students recovering from ailments and illness but also a great way to balance your regular practice restoring the mind, body and senses.

Vertical Pilates

Ready to make your Pilates routine even more functional? This class will take your practice up off the mat, incorporating movement sequences that challenge concentration, control and balance through stability and/or mobility. This is a challenging all levels class. Come prepared to work hard, sweat and have fun!

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga classes incorporates an evolving series of flowing asanas (postures) that synchronise the breath with the movement. This dynamic form of hatha yoga focuses on balancing strength and flexibility, body alignment and awareness, and creatively sequencing the movements to fit the students needs.

Flow and Restore Yoga

This class is designed to introduce students to the practice of yoga through breath work, gentle stretching, strength and mobility exercises and meditation. With a focus on standing, seated and reclined postures we will bring awareness to the whole body.
If you've always wanted to try yoga but have been worried about your wrists with all of the weight bearing, this class is for you. It's specifically designed for those who are new to the practice of yoga, who prefer not to do weight bearing positions and are interested in learning about breath and meditation.


This challenging practice is influenced by both yoga and martial arts, weaving technique and alignment to build both physical strength and emotional courage. Step into a new realm with this thoughtfully designed offering that is guaranteed to awaken & Evolve the warrior within. Warning: You may become addicted!!!