Keri O’Meara

Art of Pilates Sequencing Module

"It's magic to be in your body and connected to it. The relief of pain, the joy of
mobility. It's just special and I want to be a part of helping people do that.”

Keri O’Meara is the creator of MuseMovement Studio which she opened in
2015 in order to support and expand her community of loyal students who
are committed to growth, laughter and body education.
A Pilates, yoga instructor and movement coach, Keri’s teaching motto:
move your body, move your mind, move your heart is inspired by her own
experience with the liberating and transformative power of mindful, safe
movement. Having lived with arthritis since she was four years old Keri
found Pilates as a way to get strong, live pain free and feel connected to her
body in a positive way. This changed her life. As such she sees movement
as therapy and her teaching reflects this. A large part of her philosophy and
teaching method is based upon understanding that every body tells a story
and educating students about how their bodies work.
Keri’s deep and intuitive understanding of anatomy informs everything she
does whether she is working with a client in a rehab setting, teaching a
group class or training teachers. Respecting the traditions of Pilates and
yoga she is also inspired by other modalities as well as current and evolving
understandings of the body in order to provide her students with movement
that is contemporary and relevant to their modern, urban lifestyles.
Keri has trained and mentored new teachers for a number of years and in
2104, co-wrote and co-taught a 50 hour yoga and Pilates fusion program.
She is passionate about sharing knowledge, endeavouring to empower
students and teachers alike in a life filled with and fuelled by movement.
Over her years of teaching Keri has created a sequencing method which
draws from her passion for the written word. When she designs a class she
thinks about it as a short story with a plot, a theme and a narrative arc with
a climax and denouement. Keri is excited to share her Smart Hard Method
at Mindful Movement Centre. This method employs a system that skillfully
marries language, movement and story telling. A Smart Hard class
challenges and sets the body up for success in movement, so that students
understand and feel the difference. Working with muscular and facial chains
and using various exercises as building blocks for the next to make the body
work as it was designed to do so and so that students feel open, strong, vital
and confident in body mind and heart.