The Art of Sequencing Workshop with Keri O'Meara

Saturday, Nov 5 : 1 - 4pm  Cost : $125

Learn how to make a Pilates class an AMAZING pilates class.

In this workshop you will be given the ingredients and taught the recipe for sequencing a Pilates class that stands out. Covering how to move through as many planes as possible, moving the spine in all the ways, anchoring to lengthen, stabilize to mobilize, working as many joints as possible, working posterior and anterior chains and following muscular and fascial chains.

We will explore how to get students into their bodies. You will lear how to challenge your students in a safe, fun, functional and fluid way using the Smart Hard method. Discover how to methodically layer exercises and transitions and use a system of building blocks so that your clients bodies feel and intuitively understand the exercises.

You will be able to create a Pilates class that makes sense anatomically and creatively and sets the body up for success in movement. Exploring different methods of cueing, you will be given the tools to know how to show rather than tell so that a true mind body connection is made. 

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