Birth Recovery for Trauma and C-Section w/Georgia

Sunday April 7 : 2 -6pm

Birth is a natural and moving process that 85% of women will experience over their lifetime.  Of these women 90% report feeling some sort of trauma through their pregnancy, labour, or postnatal period.

This course focuses on using Pilates-based movement to assist in the recovery from trauma in postnatal women.

What you will learn:

  • Breathing mechanics as it relates to mindfulness and relaxation

  • Anatomy of pregnancy

  • Common trauma that occurs in labour

  • Ergonomics and safe practice after C-section

  • Muscle release specific to postpartum 

  • Safe exercise progression from day 1

  • How to create a safe environment to process trauma

This is a 4-hour continuing education introduction to trauma course that is open to all healthcare or fitness professionals with a strong interest in post natal studies.

Investment $125


Kinesiology of Pilates w/Sam & Leslie

Saturday May 4 : 12pm - 6:30pm


Come and apply all of that anatomy and deepen your understanding of how Pilates works to build stability and mobility in the human frame. In this one-day course, participants will learn to use kinesiological movement analysis to understand what types of muscle contraction are creating and controlling movement in the context of gravity and resistance within Pilates exercises.  This tool will not only deepen the participants’ understanding of muscle contraction, but also their grasp of muscle synergy as we chart every muscle that is working at every joint in any given exercise. The results of movement analysis can be used to gain a greater understanding of students’ strengths and weaknesses, helping teachers make informed choices in crafting classes and private sessions. The concept of fascial force transmission will also be discussed to assist teachers further interpret the results of individual analysis; offering answers to the age-old client comment, “but I don’t feel it there!” It is strongly recommended that participants review all muscle actions prior to the course so that we can dive right in to analysis and interpretation.

Investment $245 Early Bird Rate : $195


Garuda Masterclass on the Reformer w/Darlene

Tuesday May 28 : 2 - 3:30pm & Wednesday June 19 : 3 - 4:30pm


Expanding upon the traditional Reformer Pilates exercises, this practical workshop for Pilates teachers will teach The Garuda Method using the Reformer. Different movement patterns and exercises are adapted from the Garuda Apparatus Repertoire to create a fun, exciting class, and a great workout.

Investment $45 for each class


Comprehensive Anatomy Course w/Sam Booker

12 Week Course beginning in the fall : Dates TBA


Calling all potential Pilates, Yoga and movement teachers! If you don’t have any prior anatomy background and are thinking of going into a teacher training program, this course is for you!

This 30 hour comprehensive anatomy course is for the complete beginner anatomist and those feeling the need to hone their prior knowledge; it is equivalent to the 100 level musculoskeletal anatomy course Samantha teaches at Ryerson University. Best thought of as the study of anatomy through a kinesiological lens; the course will enable students to identify, locate and describe the actions of the major muscles and bones of the musculoskeletal system; they will also develop an understanding of how these structures work together to produce movement. Understanding concepts such as stability and mobility, muscle synergy, muscle contraction, movement analysis, and exertion and recuperation will facilitate the students’ ability to make decisions about class sequencing, how best to prevent injury based on individual needs, as well as when to seek/refer out for professional care. As students become more adept at using anatomical language they will be able to communicate clearly with other health professionals when necessary.

Investment :


Much Ado about Pain w/Dominique Bulgin & Mark Archer


Date TBA       

Beyond Mechanics - The Case of the Man with No Legs

Telling the story of ‘the man with no legs’, this lecture will weave interdisciplinary theory with real life case study material. Exploring basic pain science, assessment techniques and intervention strategies, it promotes an embodied and holistic approach to Pilates and suggests how the technique can go far beyond mechanics to illuminate our lived experience.

The lecture will cover:

  • A brief history of pain

  • Introduction to basic pain science: nocioception, sensitization and neuropathic pain. Neuromatrix & Predictive Processing

  • Bio-psycho-social assessment : Screening red & yellow flags and Identifying DIMS & SIMS

  • Multimodal approaches to treatment - Perspectives from physiotherapy and movement psychotherapy : Pacing - Tolerance & Capacity, Proprioception - Skin and Identity & the Autobiographical Body

  • Relevance to Pilates/Movement environment and creating a culture of 'listening

    Investment $125