Aniela Kurylo

Aniela describes her classes as “a combination of challenge and fun, hopefully leaving you with a deeper connection to self and a sense of strength and balance.” She is amazed by the healing powers of the body and continues to learn and explore different modalities. Aniela stresses the importance of proper alignment in both Pilates classes and long term over all body health.

Aniela began studying Kundalini yoga with Sat Dharam Kaur and received her Hatha Vinyasas yoga certification from the Yoga Sanctuary.  She further studied restorative, pre-natal and yin yoga.

Her passion for anatomy and healing injuries lead her to Pilates; in 2013 she received her mat certification from Body Harmonics. Since then she has continued to take courses and is currently working towards her reformer certification with MMC director Leslie Parker.

In addition to teaching with a focus on healing and rebalancing the body, Aniela has worked as an actress.  She loved having the chance to play/think/be someone else from time to time. This ability to put herself in someone else’s shoes, as it were, has increased her ability to understand and empathize with her students.

While Aniela began doing yoga early in her career she was motivated by the desire for a ‘great body’. However as she deepened her understanding of these combined disciplines her focus changed to healing and rebalancing ultimately leading to a ‘best body’.